At Mailbox Surprise we understand how important it is to show your appreciation to your valuable employees, customers and clients. Our specialty? Letterbox surprises that put a smile on their faces, straight to their letterbox!

Why choose Letterbox Surprise?

  1. Simple & Convenient : Our letterbox surprises are designed to fit perfectly through the letterbox. No hassle with receipt or signatures - just a pleasant surprise on their doorstep.

  2. Various options : From delicious artisan chocolates to beautiful dried flowers and luxurious tea ranges, we have a wide selection of gifts to choose from.

  3. : This can be done in consultation . Add a personal touch to your gifts with custom options. Your company logo and/or a special message.

  4. Affordability : We understand that budgets are important. That's why we offer high-quality gifts at competitive prices, so you can show your appreciation without straining your finances.

How does it work?

Ordering letterbox surprises from Letterbox Surprise is easy:

  1. Browse our selection : View our range and choose the gifts that suit your needs.

  2. Let us know : send us an email with your wishes and we will contact you as soon as possible.

By choosing gifts from Letterbox Surprise, you show that you care about your relationships. A small gift can leave a lasting impression and put your company in the spotlight.