Want to buy dried flowers?

Dried flowers
Dried flowers are back and are a collective name for all dried, natural decorations. An interior trend that has become indispensable.

Dried flowers are popular
Flowers have been used for decoration for centuries, and in different ways. Dried flowers create a cozy atmosphere in your home and have many benefits. You have many dried flowers in different shapes, sizes and colors and they are available all year round. In addition, you don't need green fingers, they are incredibly durable and last much longer than normal flowers. It is therefore not surprising that dried flowers are currently very popular and indispensable.

Tips for caring for dried flowers
It's true, dried flowers require almost no care. But to fully enjoy your dried flowers, Brievenbusverrassing has listed a number of tips for you:

  • Unlike flowers: do not water the dried flowers;
  • Dried flowers are fragile, so handle the flowers with love so that they do not tear;
  • Do not place your dried flowers in the sunlight, but find a spot in the shade. Sunlight may cause your dried flowers to discolour or fall out more quickly;
  • Dried flowers do not like moisture. Therefore, find a suitable place where you place your dried flowers.
Dried flowers at Letterbox Surprise
Want to give someone or yourself dried flowers as a gift ? Welcome to Mailbox Surprise.

At Brievenbusverrassing we put together the dried flower bouquets ourselves and we do this with a lot of passion. We offer the dried flowers in different colors in a vase and/or wooden stand . The dried flowers are stylishly wrapped and to make the gift even more personal, you can optionally add a nice greeting card . In short, a nice gift to surprise someone with. Or surprise yourself and bring some extra coziness into your home.