Want to buy a letterbox gift?

Letterbox gift
A gift doesn't have to be ''big''. The nicest gifts to surprise someone with go through the letterbox.

Letterbox gift at Letterbox Surprise
There are some things you just want to do because it makes you happy. Putting together letterbox packages to surprise someone gives us energy!

At Mailbox Surprise we offer gifts that fit through the letterbox. Whether you want to congratulate someone, thank them, wish them well or just send a sweet gift: we have a range of surprises for various occasions. Dried flowers, sweets or wine, it's always good. You can make the gift even more personal with Letterbox Surprise by adding a nice greeting card with your own text.

To give you some inspiration, Brievenbussurprise has listed a number of gifts for you:

  • How about surprising yourself or someone else with beautiful dried flowers? There is always a good reason for this. You or the recipient only have to sit next to it and the enjoyment can begin!
  • Would you like to organize a Friday afternoon drink with corona? Or toast someone's birthday or new place from a distance? Send our wine tubes with savory snacks and a bowl and have a nice chat online;
  • Thank someone or wish them well? Send a delicious package with sweets and chocolate! Everyone likes this, right?

Benefits Letterbox gift
A major advantage of a letterbox gift is that the recipient does not have to be at home to receive the package. In addition, it is a real surprise for the recipient when he returns home. Because how nice is it when you open the door and there is a gift on the doormat?

Letterbox boxes at Letterbox Surprise
The letterbox gifts are stylishly packed in letterbox boxes. We wrap the gifts in luxurious tissue paper and close the tissue paper with a seal: ''for you''. We ensure that all gifts are properly wrapped for transport.